• Reviewed by: scootercommuter  on: 2016-08-27T17:46:50
    Your web site is very slow. Also there is no obvious way to get a free item on a coupon we already have other than to just put the "free" item on the order itself. I click "coupon" and I get an empty box and a button to print it. Nice "rich design" for your site but VERY poor user experience. I would suggest having your web designer focus on usability and clear instructions on how to place an order rather than making it so whiz-bang. Also once I had already gotten 9 moo shu orders cause the site was so slow, there was no way to remove the extra items other than to just abandon the order.
  • Reviewed by: ljancosek  on: 2016-06-11T11:02:31.795-07:00
    Sorry about the previous email. This should have gone to the location on Lake Mead Blvd. at the Summerlin Area
  • Reviewed by: ljancosek  on: 2016-06-11T11:01:17.170-07:00
    I just moved into a new apartment and boy do I love Chinese Food. The first and second time I ordered here at New York Chinese the Sweet & Sour Shrimp was just wonderful. Well, yesterday I ordered it again. After waiting 2 hours for my food to be delivered and getting which was a reasonably facsimile to Shrimp Jerky I'm sure I'll be looking for a new Chinese Restaurant. Too bad. I'm expecting out of town guests who also loves Chinese Food. You lost my business.
  • Reviewed by: rclutak  on: 2016-06-07T17:21:25
    I'm so happy that you opened a third location in Green Valley. I moved here almost three years ago from the east coast. Since then I was not been able to find the type of restaurant that serves this style of food. It's so great to have it again. I didn't know how much I missed it in the last 2 and half years. And the atmosphere is so nice. The staff is so wonderful. Everyone is very warm and welcoming and kind. I love this restaurant. I hope that you have a lot of business and are around for a very long time. - Ryan
  • Reviewed by: earthenergy  on: 2016-05-22T16:27:02
    I can't delete items out of my cart. And this is an order I tried to place while you were not able to accept online orders and i can't get rid of it. Should be able to delete items out of the cart.
  • Reviewed by: tapestrycat  on: 2016-04-09T17:58:12
    Why are the crispy noodles so greasy now??? Really disappointed!!!! Did you change dough to fry or the oil you fry in??? Whatever you changed, please change back!!! These noodles are awful!!!!!
  • Reviewed by: hrsunbaby  on: 2016-03-21T11:44:41
    Yesterday I ordered two items to be delivered - Chicken chow mein and sweet
  • Reviewed by: katrina  on: 2016-01-20T13:57:50
    Good afternoon! My name is Katrina Kacirek and I'm the Catering Manager at Bite Squad. We have had several requests to add your restaurant to the Bite Squad network. Please let me know who I can speak to about working with Bite Squad as your food delivery partner.I can meet them in person, they can email me at, or they can call my cell at 775-901-2003.Thank you for your time!
  • Reviewed by: hadleylee314  on: 2015-06-05T04:13:53
    Hi, While browsing your website we noticed that it is under serious threat of losing Google Ranking. Your website is Non Responsive hence it doesn't open properly in the mobile devices. According to Google’s new algorithm, all the websites which are not mobile friendly will be brought down in Google Rank. We are Google certified Webmaster with a team of 200 skilled professionals and we can help you convert your website to all device compatible, so that you don't lose your business. Visit the following link to get more details. Link : Regards, Hadley Lee Customer Relationship Manager Email:
  • Reviewed by: eileenaa  on: 2015-05-24T20:56:03
    Are you still offering discount coupons? I have not been able to find them either online or through coupon books I receive in the mail.
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