• Reviewed by: terbear43  on: 2013-11-06T18:18:36
    Your food is simply the best in vegas. I have been here 15 yrs now and i can say i will never order from anyone else. We have tried all of them .. I tell everyone i know...thank you for putting out such wonderful food!!!!!!!! Terri vacanti
  • Reviewed by: swingerrich  on: 2013-09-28T19:17:43
    best food I have eaten in years since I moved from the east coast years ago. EXCELENT FOOD !!!!!! SEE YOU AGAIN SOON
  • Reviewed by: donnajackovich  on: 2013-08-19T20:58:23
    Great food..the eggrolls are yummy and the New York Chicken Chow Mein with crispy noodles is just what I remember from Long Island NY. Happy to have finally found you in Henderson! Only down side are the dirty walls by the few tables to sit at..definately need a scrub down or new coat of paint..very unappetizing!
  • Reviewed by: hiltns  on: 2013-07-12T12:24:08
    went to restaurant for the first time. its mostly a take out place with about 8 tables. had great anticipation, but some items left something to be desired. the egg rolls are not something we would get again. flavor mostly cabbage with an awful after taste. the roast pork lo mein was dry and pasty. adding some hot mustard and their crispy noodles helped the flavor somewhat, but wouldnt get this again. the NY chicken chow mein was worth the trip, as was the wonton soup. :) sweet
  • Reviewed by: thefl0k  on: 2013-07-10T19:51:07
    Finally got over there. We ordered 2 dinner combos. I had the wonderful chicken chow mein, my friend ordered the cashew chicken. The Egg Rolls left something to be desired, but everything else was worth the trip. The next time I would order off the ala carte menu since the lunch combo menu does not include the chow mein, very disappointing. Whenever possible we will be back.Give it a try. I think you will be happy.
  • Reviewed by: anthony_ruggerio  on: 2013-06-14T11:44:30
    My family and I are originally from the east coast (NY
  • Reviewed by: Jessicandrewm  on: 2013-05-14T19:55:07
    So glad we discovered this place tonight. We ordered off eat24 for 7:15. Not only was our food right on time, it was delicious, not greasy, and reminded me of back home in NYC. We will definitely be regulars! Thank you :)
  • Reviewed by: thefl0k  on: 2013-05-04T22:54:01
    hi,just wondering .... if 2 of us come in for lunch, each getting a lunch combo special for approx. $11.00 for both, am i able to use the coupon to get 2 free eggrolls for either dine in or take out?
  • Reviewed by: vegas053  on: 2013-03-22T16:18:45
    Finally a good, no a very good Chinese restaurant. It's very small,but the food is great.
  • Reviewed by: lvwheat  on: 2013-03-16T18:37:53
    Such Great food ! The egg rolls are the best .
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