• Reviewed by: anntropeano  on: 2014-02-03T08:12:34
    Hello, I tried to print teh coupon, but it did not come through. Is there a current coupon promotion for the restaurant? Thank you. Ann
  • Reviewed by: cdlord99  on: 2014-01-02T13:35:56
    Hi. We have lived in Henderson for 7 years. We come from NY, where we lived our whole lives. We have tried dozens of Chinese restaurants in the area (even in China Town) and NEVER found one that we liked - UNTIL NOW! You guys are amazing! Thank you for knowing how to cook the good stuff. The first tipoff was the packets of Duck Sauce in your bins. We couldn't find that anywhere else. Your egg rolls are GREAT (wish you'd add Shrimp Rolls) and just like those in NY. BBQ ribs, soups and everything else was great too (except the Beef
  • Reviewed by: josepremiero  on: 2013-12-14T14:54:43
    No complaints on the food. Yummmmm. went to gallery. it all looks good, but would be nice if it said what each item was. thanks.
  • Reviewed by: tcastiglione  on: 2013-12-05T17:28:01
    Delicious food, exactly like what I would get in NY (and NY Chinese food is AMAZING) I'll be coming to this place for as long as I live in the area.
  • Reviewed by: Lmg8  on: 2013-11-26T17:04:44.145-08:00
    Lived here 19 years, from NJ, best Chinese food I have had since I left Jersey.
  • Reviewed by: dajalos.roy  on: 2013-11-19T20:06:22.684-08:00
    Best Americanized Chinese food in the Las Vegas metro area, which actually has hundreds if not thous
  • Reviewed by: terbear43  on: 2013-11-06T18:18:36
    Your food is simply the best in vegas. I have been here 15 yrs now and i can say i will never order from anyone else. We have tried all of them .. I tell everyone i know...thank you for putting out such wonderful food!!!!!!!! Terri vacanti
  • Reviewed by: swingerrich  on: 2013-09-28T19:17:43
    best food I have eaten in years since I moved from the east coast years ago. EXCELENT FOOD !!!!!! SEE YOU AGAIN SOON
  • Reviewed by: donnajackovich  on: 2013-08-19T20:58:23
    Great food..the eggrolls are yummy and the New York Chicken Chow Mein with crispy noodles is just what I remember from Long Island NY. Happy to have finally found you in Henderson! Only down side are the dirty walls by the few tables to sit at..definately need a scrub down or new coat of paint..very unappetizing!
  • Reviewed by: hiltns  on: 2013-07-12T12:24:08
    went to restaurant for the first time. its mostly a take out place with about 8 tables. had great anticipation, but some items left something to be desired. the egg rolls are not something we would get again. flavor mostly cabbage with an awful after taste. the roast pork lo mein was dry and pasty. adding some hot mustard and their crispy noodles helped the flavor somewhat, but wouldnt get this again. the NY chicken chow mein was worth the trip, as was the wonton soup. :) sweet
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