• Reviewed by: kaseylove  on: 2014-07-25T13:30:11
    I have ordered delivery from your restaurant many times over the past couple of months and have been extremely satisfied with my order until today.I do not know if you have a new chef or what but my teriyaki beef bowl did not taste like teriyaki and had an assortment of vegetables that I did not have in the last order which was just beef and broccoli and rice. I ordered walnut shrimp and I am very dissatisfied with this dish. The coating on the shrimp is very dry and I think it should have been sticky. The shrimp have a very odd flavor and I am not going to eat this. Tried some of the walnuts and they also have a very strange flavor. I want to continue to order from your restaurant but the quality that you had before was not in this order.
  • Reviewed by: kennajo46  on: 2014-06-27T12:32:34
    I just picked up my order the food has gone done in how it tastes. the wonton soup was terrible no flavor and the wonton tasted terrible. my sweet and sour chicken tasted and looked old like either it was from yesterday or you cook so much ahead of time it was old the cashew chicken was great the only good thing from our meal
  • Reviewed by: annteasocial  on: 2014-04-23T16:40:37
    today i placed an order for delivery and notice quite a few changes in the value.the wonton soup that came with the 3 lunch combos used to have 5 wontons in each. then the prices went up and they cut them down to 3 wontons. today they only had 2 in each.i ordered a shrimp with veggies dish that used to have 6 shrimp in it. today it had only 4.another dish i orderd was a chicken with string beans dish. the veggies in it were string beans and carrots. i was surprised to find the veggies were practically raw (very hard - undercooked). also got the boneless ribs combo. the quantity of the ribs were far less than the size of the orders i had gotten the past couple of months.there was also less roast pork fried rice in each combo.i will still order again because i am house bound and ordering for delivery is mostly convenient.needlesstosay, i was very surprised with all the changes.
  • Reviewed by: Lindagm1957  on: 2014-04-05T13:47:26.219-07:00
    Been there a few times we are from New York. Pretty good but one tome The chicken wings we ordered W
  • Reviewed by: anntropeano  on: 2014-02-03T08:12:34
    Hello, I tried to print teh coupon, but it did not come through. Is there a current coupon promotion for the restaurant? Thank you. Ann
  • Reviewed by: cdlord99  on: 2014-01-02T13:35:56
    Hi. We have lived in Henderson for 7 years. We come from NY, where we lived our whole lives. We have tried dozens of Chinese restaurants in the area (even in China Town) and NEVER found one that we liked - UNTIL NOW! You guys are amazing! Thank you for knowing how to cook the good stuff. The first tipoff was the packets of Duck Sauce in your bins. We couldn't find that anywhere else. Your egg rolls are GREAT (wish you'd add Shrimp Rolls) and just like those in NY. BBQ ribs, soups and everything else was great too (except the Beef
  • Reviewed by: josepremiero  on: 2013-12-14T14:54:43
    No complaints on the food. Yummmmm. went to gallery. it all looks good, but would be nice if it said what each item was. thanks.
  • Reviewed by: tcastiglione  on: 2013-12-05T17:28:01
    Delicious food, exactly like what I would get in NY (and NY Chinese food is AMAZING) I'll be coming to this place for as long as I live in the area.
  • Reviewed by: Lmg8  on: 2013-11-26T17:04:44.145-08:00
    Lived here 19 years, from NJ, best Chinese food I have had since I left Jersey.
  • Reviewed by: dajalos.roy  on: 2013-11-19T20:06:22.684-08:00
    Best Americanized Chinese food in the Las Vegas metro area, which actually has hundreds if not thous
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